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Localizing interactive experiences requires a great deal of work and demands you keep up with the constant changes. That’s what I like about it. ;)

Video Game Localization

Translating games is as hard as it is rewarding. I love working on an international team and contributing my experience to deliver the best possible result.

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Translation is my true calling, but I’ve been passionate about playing video games for as far back as I can remember. I love them.

I take game localization really seriously. 

I know the particularities of all the platforms (Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita), the terminology for each specific system and I love researching each game to make sure I don’t miss any of the nuances in each genre.

Software Localization

Computers are so much more than an excellent work tool. I am well versed in the terminology of the major operating systems and I like to think I can easily understand the philosophy of the applications I test.

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Not only am I technically competent to localize software, I can also undertake the thorough testing that any major application deserves.

I’ve also translated a lot of documentation. I know geeks never read manuals, but I can help the rest of the world learn to use a program using consistent and straight-forward language. 

Website Localization

Localizing a website goes beyond translating. You have to understand the medium and user interaction. It also requires some technical knowledge.

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Since I developed my first website in 1998, I’ve become interested in disciplines like SEO and accessibility, and that knowledge proved to be extremely useful when localizing websites.

I actually work with advanced technologies that allow me to translate texts without modifying HTML tags and preview the results in real time, for instance. 

In addition, I have been able to work with the main CMS, such as Wordpress and Drupal, and I found them to be a comfortable work environment.

Mobile App Localization

The simplest app can contain thousands of lines of text, require thorough documentation on any topic under the sun, and teamwork with the developer.

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With this type of projects, it’s important to consider conveying maximum meaning in the minimum amount of characters. It is also essential to master the terminology specific to each platform.

Other Localization Services

Anyone whose work involves developing something that will be handled by others knows that errors are inevitable.

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Testing: I specialize in catching bugs and if I cannot solve them myself, I will write straight-forward, professional reports so developers can solve them quickly as possible. 

Macro Developmentautomating repetitive tasks not only cuts down on the time required to develop a project, but it can also help to preserve your sanity. 

I combine my programming skills (I work with Visual Basic and VBA) with my background in translation to solve the problems that might appear in technological projects. 

Internationalization and Localization Consultingbefore localizing a project, you need to analyze how to internationalize your product for translators to focus on those aspects and not on solving technical problems.

I can help you do that without using a lot of resources and without complex engineering modifications.


I teach several specialized translation courses. I use a very practical methodology based on simulating real work situations.

Students face the usual problems using real tools. I find this encourages teamwork and proactivity.

I have been lucky enough to teach several classes on several university masters courses.

I spend my free time speaking at conferences, hoping to transmit my passion for video game localization to translators, developers and fans.